Land and Sea Disney Package

By- Kathryn Salisbury The Ultimate Disney Dream: Combining Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise for the Perfect Vacation If you’ve been trying to decide between taking a Disney cruise & taking a trip to Walt Disney World this is for you!  Disney enthusiasts and families seeking the ultimate vacation experience can now immerse themselves in … Read more

Cruising in Alaska- A Must Do For Everyone!

by- Barb Strait When deciding on an Alaskan Cruise, there are MANY things to consider.  Most people aren’t even sure of where to start.  This is one reason to use a travel professional.  As the owner of Straight Away Travel, I want you to have some basic knowledge before you even start working with one … Read more

Saving Money with Adult Beverages on DCL

by- Elizabeth Schaaf Unlike other cruise lines, Disney does not offer all inclusive beverages packages. So we travel advisors are often asked, what is the best deal on adult beverages? How do we save money? How much are the drinks? Here’s our best tips – just remember any prices are subject to change! Bring … Read more

What Is Included on your Disney Cruise

By- Mindy Fontan Ok, for those that have been on a Disney Cruise before, you can relate when I say they are in no doubt one of the most amazing sailings on the high seas. However, for those who are contemplating on taking the plunge…here are some INCLUDED experiences NOT to be missed which … Read more

Disney Cruise For Adults

by: Kathryn Salisbury Are Disney cruises just for kids or families with children? Absolutely not!!  Disney cruises are renowned for their enchanting experiences that cater to all age groups. While many associate Disney with childhood fantasies, these magical voyages offer a surprising array of adult activities and experiences that can turn any grown-up into … Read more

HyperSPACE LOUNGE on The Disney Wish

by: Jenny Wheeler As a travel agency, we understand that many travelers are always on the lookout for a new adventure and a way to experience something completely different while cruising. One of the most exciting things about cruising is exploring the luxurious facilities on the ship itself. And, there’s no denying that Disney … Read more

Duck Hunt On a Disney Cruise!

By: Kathryn Salisbury Disney Cruising Ducks: A Delightful Game of Hide and Seek! There’s lots of little things that can make your cruise extra magical. One of those is cruising ducks! Cruisers can hide and find these little guys all over Disney ships! You can join the ‘Disney Cruising Ducks’ Facebook group and post photos … Read more

Disney Cruising with a Teenager!

By- Elizabeth Schaaf I’m frequently asked if Disney Cruise Line is right for teenagers. Absolutely! In fact, I’ve only ever cruised Disney with at least one teenager in tow. On our first cruise, our oldest was 15, and he was less than interested in meeting characters and the like. But the minute he stepped on … Read more

Rotational Dining

By: Jenny Wheeler Rotational dining is a unique feature of cruises aboard Disney ships, and the Disney Wish is no exception. This unique dining experience allows guests to rotate through different themed restaurants each night of their cruise. When your Straight Away Travel advisor is booking your cruise, they will ask if you prefer main or … Read more

western caribbean cruise on disney CRUISE LINE

The Ports of Call are outstanding! Cozumel, Mexico– Amazing coral reefs encircle Cozumel, making this Mexican island an ideal spot to snorkel or dive. Full of marine biodiversity, Cozumel Reefs National Park is a great place for scuba divers of all levels! You can also enjoy the beautiful turquoise water from one of the island’s … Read more