Laundry Onboard The Disney SHips!

Did you know that DCL ships have not only an onboard laundry service, but also washers and dryers for guest usage?

I know this came in handy for us when we did the Western Europe itinerary! We came from the US, spent a few days in Barcelona, then spent the next week onboard the Disney Magic. Instead of having to bring 1000 outfits for the 5 of us for our 2 week long trip, I just used the onboard self serve laundry! You don’t need coins – just use your Key to the World card. You go to the kiosk, pick an open unit, and proceed from there. Detergent and dryer sheets are also available onboard. One less thing to pack!

By using the Key to the World card, your machine usage also links your DCL Navigator account. You’ll receive a push alert on your phone when your machine is about to be done! I did find that sometimes it told me I had 10 minutes left when it was more like 20, but at least I had an idea! 

Need to iron? They’ve got you covered on this, too. Each laundry room is equipped with irons and ironing boards. It’s nice to have when you find that your favorite shirt or sundress is covered in wrinkles.

The number of self service laundry rooms varies from ship to ship. The Magic and Wonder each have three laundry rooms, while the Fantasy and Dream have seven. With the Wish (and I expect this to hold true for the Treasure as well), Disney changed things up with a single, large, centralized self service laundry on Deck 8 called the Fairytale Fresh Laundry. 

No one loves having to do laundry on vacation, but I appreciate Disney Cruise Line allowing their guests to have the option! This was WAY better than on my last non-Disney Cruise Line voyage. There were no self-service laundry rooms, and I didn’t want to send our dirty laundry out to be cleaned. I ended up washing everything in the sink. 0/10, do not recommend. Love how Disney makes even doing laundry magical!

We are not here to do your laundry, but we are here to make your Disney Cruise perfect and SAVE you Money!!

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