Disney Cruise

There is no better service than aboard a Disney ship. Straight Away Travel also prides itself with the same. You will pay THE SAME to book your Disney Cruise through our agency than booking yourself online. The difference is that you will have a personal assistant that will be there to guide you with all of your questions along the way.

We don’t take the fun out of planning, we HELP with the fun.. to make sure you have the magnets on your door that your children will want, that you have the right bag with the things you need when the bellman takes your luggage to your stateroom, that you get that perfect picture with Mickey on board. We send reminders of important booking dates, we add on special requests, we help with getting sold out excursions, and so much. You can even schedule a zoom call with a professional to go over all of your questions to be sure you are getting the right information. We do not give our clients onboard credit, we are NOT that agency. We are a team of dedicated professionals that make sure your cruise is Magical. We work hard to provide you with the knowledge and excitement to experience the Wonder and Magic aboard the Disney Fleet!

You will have help with flights, pre-hotel stays, transfers, a packing list, and many tips and tricks to make your cruise perfect. You will also be given a detailed itinerary with all of your reservation numbers and important information on a trip plan app. If your flight is delayed, it notifies your advisor so we check on you and be sure you get there! We also send a nice Bon Voyage gift.

From the moment you enter the ship, you feel like royalty. Your children will be in awe of the views and you will be full of emotion and amazement. Once on board, there are activities to keep everyone happy throughout your voyage. Disney has the best kid’s club of any cruiseline which allows adults some alone time which they deserve. There is a designated adult only pool and bar area where you can relax. Disney cruises to the Caribbean, Alaska, Mexico, Bahamas, Bermuda, Europe, Canada and now Australia. They have 5 ships and each one is wonderful!!

The further out you schedule your Disney cruise, the less expensive it will be, so if you are reading this and considering a Disney Cruise in the future, don’t wait, your deposit is REFUNDABLE! We can ever move your deposit to a different sailing if you wish. You are in excellent hands… let’s cruise!

We also provide our clients with a client portal full of all of tips and tricks that you can log into and read at any moment!

Castaway Club Members may begin booking activities, and completing the check-in process earlier based on thier current membership level.

  • Activity pre-booking window opens for Pearl 123-days, Platinum120-days, Gold 105-days, Silver 90-days prior to the sail date. First time cruisers may begin booking 75-days out.
  • Online check-in process open for Pearl 40-days, Platinum 38-days, Gold 35-days, Silver 33-days prior to the sail date. First time cruisers may begin check-in 30-days out.

Concierge guests may start booking at 130-days with check-in window opening at 40-days regardless of their Castaway Club stat

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