Happenings Cast and the Social Aspect of Virgin Voyages

If you have cruised before, you are probably very familiar with cruise directors and their role on the ship.  They introduce the entertainment each night on stage and come over the loudspeaker for announcements.   When you set off on your first Virgin Voyage, you will not hear a cruise director on the loudspeaker.   In fact you won’t see a cruise director anywhere.  That is because at Virgin Voyages, they do things a little differently and have an entire cast of “cruise directors” called The Happenings Cast.  They are a squad of charismatic entertainers, artists, and performers. This dynamic cast is the heart of the interactive and engaging experiences that await guests aboard their ships.  

From the moment sailors (as passengers are endearingly called) set foot on board, they’re engulfed in a world where theatrical performances blend seamlessly with the cruise’s rhythm. The Happenings Cast takes center stage, often in unexpected venues and formats, breaking down the fourth wall to engage directly with the audience.

Virgin Voyages’ Happenings Cast isn’t just about putting on a show – it’s about creating personable connections. The performers often mingle with guests, offer workshops, and openly share stories about life at sea. This approachability transforms your journey into a series of memories dotted with personalities, not just performances.  The bottom line is the Happenings Cast makes sure that everyone onboard is happy and having a great time and also has a great time with them!  Whether you are cruising alone, with friends or your spouse, you are sure to make new friends with the Happenings Cast!

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