Virgin Voyages

The Grog Walk: A Boozy Adventure on Virgin Voyages

By Alison Meeks Virgin Voyages is all about redefining the cruising experience, from ditching the traditional buffet for gourmet dining to shaking up the entertainment scene. Among its many unique offerings, one stands out for its fun and adventurous spirit – the Grog Walk. What is a Grog Walk, you ask? Think of it as … Read more

Breakfast and Brunch on Virgin Voyages

My- Megan Sexton Breakfast and Brunch There are so many choices for Breakfast and Brunch while on board the Scarlet Lady! The Wake and Razzle Dazzle are the two restaurants that offer a sit down Breakfast and Brunch meals. You can pre-book a reservation at these restaurants or just try for a walk in table. … Read more

Happenings Cast and the Social Aspect of Virgin Voyages

If you have cruised before, you are probably very familiar with cruise directors and their role on the ship.  They introduce the entertainment each night on stage and come over the loudspeaker for announcements.   When you set off on your first Virgin Voyage, you will not hear a cruise director on the loudspeaker.   … Read more