The Grog Walk: A Boozy Adventure on Virgin Voyages

By Alison Meeks

Virgin Voyages is all about redefining the cruising experience, from ditching the traditional buffet for gourmet dining to shaking up the entertainment scene. Among its many unique offerings, one stands out for its fun and adventurous spirit – the Grog Walk.

What is a Grog Walk, you ask? Think of it as a progressive cocktail party. The Grog Walk is a special event organized on select Virgin Voyages sailings that takes guests on a journey through different bars and lounges on the ship, where they can enjoy delicious drinks and explore the ship’s offerings. This event is available for an extra charge and can be booked once on board through the Virgin Voyages app. At the time of our sailing, the Grog Walk was a $50 per person charge.

How does it work? It’s simple. Guests gather at the designated meeting place, don the provided mask, and participate in the mix and mingle activities to receive drink “currency”, redeem your complimentary prix fixe cocktail or mocktail, and head to the next venue.  On our sailing, there were four stops which concluded at the bar on the second floor of The Manor nightclub, where we were free to stay and dance to our hearts’ content. 

The Grog Walk isn’t just about sampling drinks; it’s also a chance to meet fellow sailors and create unforgettable memories. It’s a great way to explore the ship and get into the spirit of adventure that Virgin Voyages is known for. Plus, with members of the Happenings Cast to guide the way and make sure everyone has a blast, it’s the perfect time to chat them up and get to know them better. If you read our blog on “The Happenings Cast and Social Aspects of Virgin Voyages”, it will help you to understand the value of getting to know them early on in your Voyage.

Overall, the Grog Walk on Virgin Voyages was a highlight on our cruise and I would not hesitate to do it again.It’s a unique experience that combines delicious drinks, exploration, and socializing. Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or new to the high seas, it’s a must-do for anyone looking for a fun and memorable time on board Scarlet Lady or any other Virgin Voyages ship.

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