What Makes The Pirate Night on the Disney Wish Different?

By Elizabeth Schaaf

Several of the Straight Away Travel team recently enjoyed a three night cruise onboard the beautiful Disney Wish. While we know that three night cruises have a Pirate Party instead of a full blown Pirate Night, the Pirate’s Rockin’ Parlay Party is an exclusive night just for the Disney Wish  If you’ve ever sailed with Disney before and have enjoyed Pirate Night, you’ll quickly notice some differences between the experiences. The Rockin’ Parlay Party is a more toned down experience, but it’s definitely still a fantastic time!

Our first big encounter with a change was during our rotational dining experience. We immediately noticed that our tables were missing the red pirate bandanas that typically grace the table on Pirate Night. Turns out, these bandanas are not distributed for pirate parties during 3 night cruises. The dining rooms had their standard menus, not a pirate menu, and the serving team is dressed for the restaurant, not the pirate party. 

While you won’t see Cast Members in their pirate attire, the guests most certainly are. It’s so fun to look at the kids and adults alike all dressed up! 

There are character meet and greets around the main hall, and the characters are in their pirate finest. Character meet and greets on the Wish are rather short, so make sure to be checking your Navigator app for times so you can be completely prepared to meet them. Character meet and greet lines will shut down based on time, not based on the length of the line. 

On the pool deck, the Pirate’s Rockin’ Parlay Party features a rock band playing familiar songs, and Jack Sparrow comes out to party down with guests. It is not a very long show, and it’s capped off with fireworks at sea. If you have a starboard stateroom, you may even be able to see them from your stateroom if you look aft! 

Three night cruises are quick, and so is the Pirate’s Rockin’ Parlay Party. It’s still fun, but just keep in mind it’s not the full pirate night experience. Maybe it’s a sign to make sure you take a four night cruise!

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