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By- Kathryn Salisbury

The Ultimate Disney Dream: Combining Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise for the Perfect Vacation

If you’ve been trying to decide between taking a Disney cruise & taking a trip to Walt Disney World this is for you! 

Disney enthusiasts and families seeking the ultimate vacation experience can now immerse themselves in the magic of both Walt Disney World and a Disney Cruise, all in one unforgettable trip. This unique combination allows you to indulge in the enchanting world of characters, attractions, and entertainment at Walt Disney World before setting sail on a Disney Cruise to create memories that will last a lifetime. In this blog, we will explore the numerous advantages and positives of combining these two magical experiences, starting with Walt Disney World and then seamlessly transitioning to a Disney Cruise.

The Best of Both Worlds

By combining a Walt Disney World trip with a Disney Cruise, you get the best of both worlds in one grand adventure. Walt Disney World offers unparalleled theme parks, including the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom, each brimming with thrilling rides, captivating shows, and beloved Disney characters. Spending a few days at Disney World allows you to fully immerse yourself in the magic and experience the iconic attractions, parades, and fireworks displays.

Convenience and Seamless Transition

Choosing to begin your vacation at Walt Disney World before embarking on a Disney Cruise offers a seamless transition from the theme park excitement to the relaxing atmosphere of a cruise. From a practical side you’re already needing to get a room the night before your cruise so why not extend your stay a few extra days & explore the parks! This also saves you money on flights by combining 2 vacations into one! Disney makes it incredibly convenient for guests by offering transportation(for a fee) directly from select Disney World resorts to the port of embarkation for the cruise. This convenience eliminates the hassle of travel logistics and allows you to focus on making the most of your vacation.

 Post-Disney World Relaxation

After the excitement of exploring Walt Disney World’s theme parks, a Disney Cruise provides the perfect opportunity to unwind and relax. Cruise ships offer a wealth of amenities, including luxurious spas, adults-only areas, and top-notch dining experiences, ensuring you can rejuvenate before continuing your adventure on the high seas.

Kids’ Club and Family Time Balance

For families traveling with children, a combined Disney vacation provides the ideal balance of kid-focused entertainment and family bonding time. Disney Cruise Line’s renowned Kids’ Clubs offer supervised, age-appropriate activities for children, giving parents the chance to enjoy some grown-up time while knowing their little ones are safe and having a blast. Afterward, families can come together for shared experiences, creating cherished memories to treasure forever.

 Disney’s Top-Notch Service

One of the hallmarks of both Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line is the exceptional level of service. Cast Members at both destinations go above and beyond to make your vacation special, ensuring that every detail is taken care of and that your experience is truly magical. From the moment you arrive at Disney World to the last day of your cruise, you’ll be treated like royalty, making the entire trip an outstanding and unforgettable adventure.

This combined vacation is not only for Walt Disney World-Port Canaveral! You could also visit Disneyland & take a cruise out of San Diego for a west coast adventure! 

Combining a Walt Disney World trip with a Disney Cruise is the ultimate way to experience the magic of Disney in its full splendor. From the exhilarating attractions and character interactions at Walt Disney World to the relaxation and adventure aboard a Disney Cruise, this combination vacation offers something for everyone. The seamless transition, top-notch service, and the chance to create lifelong memories make it an experience unlike any other. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate Disney dream vacation, why not have it all by combining the best of both worlds? Start planning your magical journey today with Straight Away Travel. Contact me at [email protected] or your SAT agent at

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