What? Food on cruises CAN BE delicious!

By: Megan@StraightAwayTravel

When I used to think of cruises, I would think of wonderful ports of call, awesome entertainment, and mediocre food. Fast forward a couple of years to my first Disney cruise and my opinion changed on what food can be like on a cruise! 

When you cruise on a Disney ship you will have the opportunity to eat meals at different restaurants each night. Each restaurant serves different styles of food and has unique decor. All of the meals will have an appetizer course, soup/salad course, main, and dessert- and you can order multiples of EVERYTHING (umm..I might have done just this on several of the desserts). If you get hungry throughout the day and do not want a seated meal, you can grab a quick bite of delicious foods, from hamburgers, salads, wraps, and tacos. Additionally, if you are having a sweet tooth moment, feel free to grab some ice cream. And don’t forget to grab a cocktail or mocktail during happy hour!   

Make sure you bring your appetite when you embark on a Disney cruise! 

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