What are the musts to put in your park bag?

By: Megan at Straight Away Travel

When my children were stroller age, I ALWAYS overpacked my Park bag because I did not have to carry it! Fast forward a couple of years, the stroller is gone, and now I physically carry my Park bag. The key for any Park bag is to keep it as light as possible BUT with all the essentials. Remember that all Parks and Resorts will sell all of these items in case you have forgotten to bring something. 

  1. Disposable ponchos: (outside of WDW: $1; within WDW: $5+) The weather is unpredictable in Florida and most disposable ponchos are large enough for your bag to fit under it too.
  2. Lightweight reusable water bottles (outside of WDW: $10+; within WDW: $20+)  You can find many water refill stations throughout the Parks and you can get free cups of water at any quick service restaurants. This is way more economical than paying $5 for a bottle of water. I like to half fill mine with ice and then fill it with water prior to leaving for the Parks. 
  3. Lightweight phone charger and the cord that connects the phone to the charger (outside of WDW: $20+; within WDW: $30+) You will be using your phone to take pictures, ordering meals on your MyDisney Experience account, and using Genie and/or Genie+- so keep it charged throughout the day. 
  4. Snacks Someone might get “hangry” while waiting on a ride so having snacks handy will keep everyone in a good mood! 
  5. Sunblock and Sunglasses Listen, it gets hot and sunny in Florida- don’t get sunburn or headaches!
  6. Socks Your feet may get wet due to rain or a water ride-so make sure your feet stay semi-dry! 
  7. Ziploc Bags Great to keep items dry or to split a snack for multiple people.
  8. Any medicines you might need to take during the day.        

As always, please reach out to your Travel Planner if you have any questions about your upcoming trip! 

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