So Much to Do in the Port Area of Costa Maya

by- Elizabeth Schaaf

The port of Costa Maya is becoming increasing popular with the major cruise lines and has become a very active port in the western Caribbean. But so few cruisers are familiar with this lively port. The great thing is there’s so much to do without ever even leaving the actual port area! You don’t even have to leave the secured area to have a great day.

After you either walk down the quite long dock (or do what I did and take the free tram ride!), you’ll be greeted by this fantastic photo op of a directional sign. If you’re looking for a last minute excursion or are scheduled to meet up with a non-cruise tour, you’ll head to the right of this sign. Otherwise, you’ll bear left into the port village.

The port village is clearly inspired by the region’s Mayan roots. Not only do you see the architecture, but there’s also a demonstration of the Mayan tradition of the Danza de los Voladores – Dance of the Flyers. These flyers climb the pole, attach a rope, and then begin their descent in jaw dropping fashion. Be aware that during the performance, other performers will walk around the gathered crowds seeking tips and donations. They are not pushy or demanding, but if you’d like to give them a token of appreciation, feel free! These performances don’t seem to occur at set times, and they do seem to be something that occurs a few times early in the day after ships dock. So if you want to see this performance, catch it after disembarking.

The port area has a multitude of shopping and dining options! You’ll see store after store after store with a variety of items. From small trinkets and t shirts to hand painted art and local tequila, you’ll find it here. There’s also several restaurants, bars, and refreshment areas to enjoy as well.

Shopping not your thing? There’s also some excursions within the port itself. One unique option is the Mayan Wellness Retreat, which is a six step relaxation session steeped in Mayan tradition. There’s a tequila museum and a chocolate museum as well. One of the most popular things to do is to visit the Aviarius, which is an aviary featuring exotic birds. The Aviarius even allows guests to ‘fly’ over the other guests as they traverse bridges to get from one part of the aviary to the other. 

Looking for something involving water instead? The port even has its own free pool and sandy beach area. This area can get crowded quickly, so be sure to make a bee line here if you are interested in pool time.

While most of these activities are offered for free, some like the Aviarius, museums, and Mayan Wellness Retreat have additional costs, and you often need to make plans in advance of arrival. Make sure to speak with your Straight Away Travel agent on how to make arrangements. Don’t miss out on all that this well developed port area has to offer!

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