Rafting on the Martha Brae-A relaxing Jamaica Experience

by- Mindy Fontan

Rafting on the Martha Brae River in Jamaica is a serene and scenic experience. This river is located near Falmouth in the parish of Trelawny, on the north coast of Jamaica. I recently had the opportunity to experience this relaxing ride with a coworker of mine at a Sandals training. It’s absolutely wonderful and can conveniently be booked through Island Routes or other guided tours, either at the resort or ahead of time. 

During the experience, you will glide along calm waters while enjoying the lush tropical surroundings and learning about the river’s history and folklore from knowledgeable guides. It’s a popular attraction for tourists seeking a relaxing yet memorable adventure in Jamaica.

Nervous about a raft? There is no need to be. This rafting experience involves riding on a bamboo raft guided by an experienced captain. These rafts are traditionally handcrafted from bamboo, adding to the authentic Jamaican experience.  Our tour guide informed us that it takes two days to make a raft and they last about six months.  And even though they look the same, each tour guide can recognize their own. It’s pretty impressive!! And if you are still nervous, life jackets are available to wear at no additional cost.  

A typical rafting trip on the Martha Brae River lasts around one to two hours, depending on the river’s current.  The Martha Brae River rafting is often promoted as an eco-friendly activity, as the rafts are non-motorized and do not disrupt the natural environment. This experience is about relaxation and enjoying the beautiful scenery instead of thrilling rapids. It’s a peaceful journey suitable for all ages. They will stop and let you swim if you wish. So, make sure you wear a bathing suit and sunscreen. Other than that, have a waterproof cell phone case handy to capture those picturesque natural shots!! They are memorizing.

As you float your tour guide will also share information about the local flora and history of the area. Ours even added Bob Marley tunes that he sung himself along the way. He stopped and took photos and even let us control the raft! It was so much fun!!!  Along the riverbanks you will also see the locals selling souvenirs, snacks, and refreshing drinks, which adds to the overall experience of the trip. It made me appreciate and love the Jamaican people even more. Like they all say in Jamaica they don’t have any PROBLEMS just SITUATIONS!!!!!

If you are interested in trying the Martha Brae River rafting, it can be easily accessible from popular tourist destinations such as Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.  Thus, making it a convenient excursion for visitors to Jamaica. And remember to show your appreciation to your captain at the end of the tour. Gratuities are NOT included and they will gladly take US dollars. Enjoy!!

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