Segway Fun in St Lucia!

By Mindy Fontan

I always love experiencing excursions as I travel to different destinations. One unique experience that my husband and I embarked on was an exhilarating Segway tour to Mt. Pimard in St. Lucia. I really did not know what to expect with this activity, but we had so much fun and the views were breathtaking, that it’s definitely something to add to your bucket list of experiences next time you visit St Lucia.

One thing that makes this excursion even sweeter is that you ride and not walk! Lol! I am not about exerting any extra energy while on vacation…so if you are like me this is the perfect experience to fulfill a nature itch without the work of an actual hike!!!

So what do you do on a Segway Tour? Well, you glide effortlessly through lush tropical foliage and along scenic trails on a Segway you control. As you make your way up to the mountain’s summit effortlessly, your knowledgeable guide will share fascinating insights into the island’s flora, fauna, and local culture. Once atop Mt. Pimard, you will marvel at panoramic vistas of the Caribbean Sea and surrounding landscape, capturing unforgettable memories of your Segway adventure in this tropical paradise. Definitely have those cameras ready as you will not want to miss these spectacular shots.

A really cool experience I got to try was the natural “Fish Spa” at the top of the mountain. Yep, I submerged my feet into a freshwater pool of small fish and let them nibble away at my dead skin cells!!!!! Nothing like a natural pedicure and my feet were left feeling smooth and rejuvenated after!!! I loved it!!

I booked this excursion through Island Routes while staying at a Sandals Resort. It was about 3 hours including transfer time. If you plan on trying this out, definitely wear sneakers and comfortable clothing. Pack Suntan Lotion and bug spray as well. Happy Segway Gliding!!!

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