Mendenhall Lake Canoe

By Mindy Fontan

There are so many wonderful things to experience on an Alaskan Cruise, it’s really hard to pick one excursion for each port. Juneau is known for a TON of things to experience such as, the town, Tracey’s Crab Shack, Whale Watching, and of course the ever-popular Mendenhall Glacier. My family and I decided to brave it up and enjoy the natural splendor of Alaska while canoeing across serene Mendenhall Lake. If you are ready to test out your rowing skills and like being up close to an iceberg, this excursion is perfect for you!

Our tour guide picked us up from the port and took us to the lake. Here we were provided with boots and gear if needed. You will get a little wet from the paddles. The water and air are damp and cold, too. Make sure you dress appropriately with water proof gear, hats, and gloves. Handwarmers and feet warmers are not a bad idea as well.

You are now ready to paddle an exceptionally stable, 28-foot, traditional Tlingit-style canoe! Don’t worry, your tour guide is at the head of the canoe…and IF you’re the photographer of your group, you sit in the middle and take photos while the rest of your crew paddles…LOL! Just a little strategic tip….shhhhhh!!!!

On the lake you will navigate past icebergs, spot wildlife, and then venture within safe distance of Juneau’s resident glacier, Mendenhall. It’s absolutely breathtaking to come across this towering river of ice framed by lush greenery and rugged mountains. A piece of the glacier had recently broken off before our tour and we got to see the vibrant crystalline blue interior of this natural wonder. It really is amazing at what mother nature is capable of.

Think you are done…nope! After you view Mendenhall Glacier, you will continue to paddle your way over to the beautiful Nugget Falls! While on the beach near the falls, you will refuel for the return paddle with crackers and smoked salmon spread, a traditional Alaskan-style snack. Make sure those cameras are ready for some great memorable shots. We even got to hold a piece of an iceberg!!!!I would highly recommend if you are stopping at Juneau.

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