Why Choose Staying at a Walt Disney World Resort for a runDisney Adventure

By Patty Klausmeyer-Wilson

Hey fellow runners! If you’re gearing up for a runDisney event, you might want to consider staying at a Walt Disney World Resort. Let me tell you, it’s a game-changer for race weekend, and here’s why:

No-Stress Race Day Mornings

Let’s get real—those early race starts are no joke. Races usually kick off at 5 am, and the buses start running at 3:30 am to get us there. Staying at a Disney resort means I can roll out of bed and be at the starting line in no time. No fussing with transportation or stressing about being late!

Keep the Disney Party Going

The fun doesn’t stop at crossing the finish line. With themed rooms, character meet-and-greets, and that signature Disney atmosphere, I felt like I was living the magic 24/7. It was like a celebration that never ended!

Cheers and Photo Ops with Cast Members

Talk about motivation! Disney really goes all out for us runDisney participants. Cast members were waiting at the hotel bus stops to cheer for us as we got off the bus. Plus, I spotted some post-race photo props and ops, making for some awesome photo memories of my accomplishment!

Recover Like Royalty

After giving it my all on the course, I wanted a comfy spot to kick back and recover. Disney resorts offer everything from luxurious pools to relaxing spas and tasty dining options, so I could recharge and celebrate my epic run in style.

Seamless Disney Experience

Forget about driving and parking—Disney’s got it covered with a hassle-free transportation system that connects all the resorts to the parks and race events. It was smooth sailing from start to finish!

Bottom Line

Staying at a Walt Disney World resort for my runDisney adventure offered convenience, perks, and a continuous dose of Disney magic. It turned my race weekend from a great athletic achievement into a truly unforgettable experience. So, if you’re lacing up those running shoes and planning your race weekend, do yourself a favor and book your stay at a Disney resort. Get ready for a race weekend packed with fun, magic, and memories—you won’t regret it!

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