Transferring to resorts in St Lucia

By Zak LaFaver

So you just booked your trip to the beautiful island of St Lucia, now what. St Lucia is quite possibly the most beautiful Caribbean island I have been to so far. My wife and I like to refer to it as the Hawaii of the Caribbean. Everything is so brightly colored and tropically lucious, let’s not even get started on the beautiful Peatons. 

What you might not know, is most of the hotels are at least an hour and a half bus ride from the airport. Unfortunately, the bus ride is not a peaceful stroll down the interstate to get there. The ride can be quite winding and motion sickness prone through the mountains of the island. This transportation is free through many of the resorts but can be a difficult way to start your tropical getaway. Don’t worry though there is a better way! If that car ride doesn’t sound good to you, there are other options to start the vacation off right.

The first of these two options is a ferry boat. The ferry boat is operated by the FunToSeeIsland Ferry company! In my opinion, there is no better way to start your vacation than with this incredible ferry experience. First off the company has an amazing customer service that is even available through text and whatsapp. That might not sound important but when you run into flight delays and issues like we did, a quick text of assurance from the company puts your mind to ease. The ferry has three options for booking, an in cabin seat, an in cabin booth, or an open air top deck seat. We choose the open air, top deck and I wouldn’t ever go any other way. Not only do you get perfect views of everything, but you also get a host guide that gives you insight into the island as well as waits on you. This was the way to get off a flight and immediately start vacation. The ferry offered drinks and a chance to relax while feeling like you are already on an island tour excursion. In addition to the ferry fee the company also offers expedited customs and cancel for any reason. We chose the expedited customs experience since we were delayed and ready to get our vacation started. It was the best choice we could have made as we were off the plane and on the ferry within 30 minutes. The company arranged everything for us. Since we were staying at the Sandals Halcyon Beach Resort, FunToSee dropped us off at a marina, about 5 minutes from our resort and had a taxi awaiting our arrival. I cannot recommend this experience anymore!!

If a ship isn’t your thing or you are looking for something a little more adventurous, you should consider a helicopter transfer to or from the airport. The helicopter tour is weather and space dependent but offers the fastest transfer. We chose to take the helicopter back to the airport after our getaway. This was an awesome option because it saved us almost 2-3 hours of extra vacation time, in addition to a gorgeous island tour to end on. Our shuttle to the airport was scheduled to pick us up at the resort around 9-9:30am. Our Helicopter transfer picked us up in a private taxi at about 11:45-noonish. Leaving us time to eat breakfast, relax by the beach, and get one last pina colada before heading out. Once on the helicopter, you get to travel over the banana plantations and jungles of the beautiful island. If I didn’t already love this island, the helicopter transfer sealed the deal. The helicopter transfers can be booked through Island Routes.

However you choose to travel, don’t start your vacation with the risk of car sickness, there are many options out there and your Straight Away Travel Advisor is here to help you pick the exact option that fits you all!

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