Navigating Disney vacations as a military/Veteran family

By Rachel Ratliff

We are a military/veteran family so I have navigated the military/veteran discount world for vacation planning purposes quite a bit. I always check for other discounts and promotions and see which one saves our family the most money in the long run. As a travel advisor, I also do this for my clients that are military/veteran families.

Disney almost always runs room only discounts for military, veterans, and some government employees. These do have to be called in to the Disney reservation center and the rates are not advertised on Disney’s websites. At Walt Disney World the discount is typically 30% off value resorts, 35% off moderate resort and 40% off deluxe resorts. Then you can purchase the military salute tickets and link to your Disney experience app along with your resort reservation information. It’s essentially a vacation package but must be done separately for purposes of getting the discounts on both as they do not offer military discounts on traditional Walt Disney World vacation “packages” (think of it as building an a la carte package). 

Booking a Disneyland vacation at the Disneyland resort in Anaheim California is a similar process except they do not have the varying levels of resorts by price like Walt Disney World does—they have a few Disney options and then Good Neighbor hotels. This is due to the layout of Southern California (when you experience it for yourself you will see it is more walkable than it is sprawling like WDW).  

Disney cruise line offers discounts on select sailings (and in true Disney Cruise Line fashion that list is released and added to at no specific time of year). 

The military room rates do have certain blockout dates and in many years so have the military freedom tickets.  And sometimes, depending on dates of travel, the Disney Visa Cardholders, Disney+ or Dining promos are a better deal.  This is where using a Straight Away Travel advisor is key! 

If you’re a military or veteran family in need of help planning your Disney vacation please reach out! Straight Away Travel would love to help! 

Thank you for your service and sacrifice! 

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