Curacao and Papiamentu

By Barb Strait

The food was fantastic.  Sandals is adding more and more sheek dining options to their resorts and two of the amazing ones in Curacao are Vincent and Zuka.  Vincent requires a reservation while Zuka is a walk in treasure!   The food trucks had everything any pallet would want for a lunch, midday snack, or a before dinner appetizer! Sandals Royal Curacao still has the fan favorite, Butches Steakhouse but for Butch’s fans, wait until you try Vincent!

Our first island adventure was heading to Shete Boka.  Shete Boka National Park is a mesmerizing natural reserve located on the northwestern coast of Curaçao, known for its unique wave-cut rock formations and rugged coastline.  Shete Boka means “Seven Mouths” The park boasts seven inlets, including Boka Tabla and Boka Pistol, where visitors can watch powerful waves crash against the rocks, creating a captivating, dramatic display of nature’s raw power.  You feel like you are in Arizona and then you turn around to crashing blue waves off the bluff.  It is a hike and you could spend a couple of hours out there if you want to see all seven mouths.  Pack water!

Next, we headed to Playa Piskado, or what I would call, “ a Turtle Santuary!”  This is a popular excursion off of a cruise ship in Curacao.  You will see turtles!  Bring cash as there will be locals enticing the turtles to come near you and expect a $5-$10 tip.   There are also picnic tables, lounge chairs, food vendors and vendors selling take home souvenirs.  

Driving along the west side of the island is where we stopped at many gorgeous beaches.  There are so many to choose from Cas Abao, Blue Bay, Mambo Beach just to name a few.

You can’t go to Curacao without a stop in Williamstad. Willemstad is the capital city of Curaçao, an island in the Dutch Caribbean, known for its vibrant, colorful architecture and rich colonial history. The city’s historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage site, featuring the waterfront Handelskade and the famous, 17th-century Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge. You also need to learn about the Chichi and you probably will bring one home either to a sibling, friend, or neighbor.

A Chichi Doll is a popular, curvy, handmade figurine originating from Curaçao, an island in the Caribbean. The word “Chichi” means “big sister” in the native Papiamentu language, and these dolls symbolize the eldest sister or female relative in a family, often portraying a strong and caring individual who looks after the family.

Created by local artist Serena Janet Israel, Chichi Dolls are made using a variety of materials, such as plaster and ceramics, and are hand-painted in vibrant colors with intricate patterns, reflecting the island’s cultural richness and diversity. They come in different sizes, and each doll is unique due to the distinctive painting style used by local artists. Chichi Dolls serve as popular keepsakes and souvenirs for tourists visiting Curaçao, representing an essential aspect of the island’s culture and artistic heritage. They also serve as a source of income for local artisans who contribute their talents to bring these dolls to life.

From diving, to the upscale fitness center, to relaxing by the Caribbean’s best infinity pool, my trip to Sandals Royal Curacao was amazing.

Tell us what are looking for, cliff jumping, swimming with turtles, basking in the sun by the blue water or all of the above. We will get you a driver to take you to each of your wish list spots! Straight Away Travel has you covered for a cultural, relaxing, and adventurous trip!

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