Celestial Park at Epic Universe

Straight Away Travel is so excited about Universal’s Epic Universe coming in 2025. Universal is slowly releasing information on each “world” coming to Orlando next year. The first “world” they have introduced us to is Celestial Park.

Universal tells us that at the heart of Universal Epic Universe, explorers will find a world between worlds. Welcome to Celestial Park, where the energy of the universe is harnessed to open portals to extraordinary realms. Enter Celestial Park and together you’ll race across the cosmos on an amazing roller coaster, dine on otherworldly cuisine, shop in unique stores, and more.


Starfall Racers– Share a race across the cosmos together on star fall racers, a breathtaking dual launch racing coaster. Feel what it is like to board a comet and rocket to the furthest reaches of the stars on Universal Epic Universe’s most thrilling coaster. The experience features the “celestial spin”, as the pair of hurtling comets preform an inverted crisscross in the air with hundreds on onboard starlights blazing, then glowing red hot as they punch through the atmosphere. Flying towards each, they rise up and streak back into the sky, skipping along the forest tree tops along the way. It is a dazzling display of blazing colors, ethereal music, and incredible speed as riders race to see who is fastest of them all.

Constellation Carousel Climb aboard the Constellation Carousel that everyone can ride on celestial lions, dragons, bears, and more. Music and color dazzle your senses as you whirl and twirl together across the Milky Way


Atlantic (and Aquaria Bar)– Across the shimmering waters of the Neptune pool in Celestial Park, Atlantic is an undersea culinary fantasy. Inside glass walls reminiscent of an enormous aquarium, starfish dwell peacefully with serene, illuminated fish swimming above you. Indulge in exceptional seafood and steaks, or enjoy a cocktail at the lively Aquaria Bar.

The Blue Dragon Pan- Asian Restaurant (and the Tiger Bar) – Experience the authentic tastes of the Blue Dragon Pan-Asian Restaurant, located in Celestial Park. Dine on Chinese, Japanese and Thai fare in a star filled courtyard under the glow of ethereal lanterns and a pari of colorful neon dragons. Then escape the bustling streetscape and relax with a cocktail in The Tiger Bar.


Nintendo Super Star Store – The Nintendo Fans will be able to shop for toys, apparel, and other colorful keepsakes and souvenirs!

We are so excited to continue to share with you as more and more details are released! Straight Away Travel is here to make your Universal Trip perfect with personalized and detailed plans at ZERO COST TO YOU.

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