Universal Studios- one of the best all-Inclusive Vacations in the USA!

By Barb Strait

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Universal Studios is so overlooked when it comes to experiencing the Florida theme parks and a general in country travel.  So many clients that reach out to us for help with Disney World say, “we would like to add in one day at Universal Studios as well”.  What they don’t realize is that Universal Studios is an amazing vacation all by itself and you can easily spend multiple nights there and have one of the best vacations ever.  Read on to learn why I am saying this!

Universal Studios currently has 3 parks, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay.  Each park has incredible shows, rides, and experiences that are not to miss.  For example, The Bourne Stunt Show is the top stunt show experience in the world (ok, they just opened one in Shangai so the 2nd best).  This show alone is 45 minutes and truly not to miss!  Diagon Alley in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will take you about 4 hours to see and do everything there and that is just the one side of the Wizarding World!  Hogsmeade will also take you the same amount of time and that isn’t including the ride on the Hogwarts Express that you must ride in both directions.  There are magic spells that kids won’t want to miss with their interactive wand that you must get them at Ollivanders which is also a show within itself.  SImply put, there is WAY too much to see and do in even 2 days at Universal Studios.  

The Preferred resorts at Universal Studios are gorgeous with amazing restaurants and incredible pools and entertainment.  Some of them make you feel like you stepped into the Caribbean.  They have pool side service, cabana rentals, pool games and many have water slides.  The perfect day is to walk to the park first thing in the morning with your extra park hour for staying on property, visiting attractions all morning and then walk back to the resort for a pool side lunch and mocktail or cocktail.  You can then walk back and keep experiencing the parks in the afternoon and watch the Hogsmeade castle show or have a luau dinner at Loews Sapphire Falls. You can also spend the whole day at the resort and relax while the kids are entertained with activities pool side. Most of the time, when you buy a 2 or 3 day ticket, you get 2 or 3 days free so you don’t feel like you have to jam pack everything in at once.  It’s an actual relaxing vacation with all of the fun of the attractions Universal Studios has to offer.  The preferred resorts at Universal also give you a free express pass which saves you the long wait times in the park.  You simply present your room key and get in the “express lane”.  

Volcano Bay is voted the world’s best water park year after year and a place to not miss while you are there.  If you aren’t a waterpark lover and your kids are, then you are in for a treat because Volcano Bay has a man made beach where you can soak up the sun or read a book in the shade while your kids are having a blast! 

If we can get you a club level room, it will save you hundreds on your vacation. For about $150 per night, your whole family can have access to the club level lounge throughout your vacation stay. The club lounge provides a full breakfast every morning, snacks throughout the day, adult beverages all day, and even a full and delicious dinner. Read our full club level review HERE.

Because I have booked travel for people to the Caribbean, Disney World, and so many beaches, I truly felt like I needed to share my opinion that Universal Studios in Orlando is a great full vacation option for families!  

Straight Away is a U-Preferred Agency, meaning we have a close relationship with the company and support one another. We had zero fees to our services which means you pay the same as you would booking it on your own. We are the experts and we prepare you with everything you need for the perfect getaway!

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