The English Garden Knows Weddings and Also Knows that a Wedding in Paradise is a Great Option!

Most of us say, if we could turn back time, we would get married on a beautiful beach with our closest family and friends! Don’t let this be you. Straight Away Travel and The English Garden help with the entire process while working with the wedding team on resort the entire time. We have been to EVERY island in the Caribbean and can help you decide the right one that fits your style, needs, and budget. We give you all of your options, we set up your wedding website, your get you connected to the island team to go over details often. We can even help with your registry that can include prices of your honeymoon! We help your guests with what they need. We help the bride stay calm and beautiful while creating the wedding or your dreams.

What if you have never been to the island and you are nervous that you won’t love it? Sandals and Beaches has you covered here! Let let you Test Drive Your Wedding:

  • Be their guest for up to 3 nights starting at a rate of $275 per couple, per night
  • Have a sneak peek of your dream Sandals Resort
  • Chat one-on-one with wedding experts
  • Look over venues, catering menus, sample wedding linens and cake options
  • Receive up to a $1125 credit* when you book your wedding group of 5 rooms or more

Some of the Top Reasons People Choose a Destination Wedding?

  • A destination wedding creates a unique and unforgettable experience for both the couple and their guests. It offers a chance to travel to a dream location and celebrate this special event in a stunning setting.

  • Destination weddings tend to have fewer guests due to travel requirements, making the event more intimate and allowing the couple to spend more time with the attendees. This also allows for deeper connections amongst friends and family members during the celebration.

  • The destination wedding venues that we work with offer all-inclusive packages and on-site wedding coordinators to help with the planning process. This can minimize the stress of organizing a wedding and allow the couple to focus on the fun aspects of their special day.

  • Destination weddings provide an opportunity for the couple to express their individuality and tailor their wedding celebration to their personalities and interests. This could include incorporating elements of the local culture, traditions or landscape into the wedding.

  • With a destination wedding, the couple can begin their honeymoon immediately after the ceremony. This eliminates the need for additional travel arrangements and allows the couple to continue enjoying the beautiful location they’ve chosen for their wedding. We also can get you to another resort on the island to experience a new place!
  • Destination weddings often turn into extended vacations for both the couple and their guests. Friends and family can take advantage of the opportunity to explore a new location and create lasting memories.

  • Depending on the chosen destination, a destination wedding can be much more affordable than a traditional wedding at home. Fewer guests, reduced decor costs, and all-inclusive package deals can help save money. Depending on the number of guests, your entire reception could be free!

We are here to make your special day PERFECT. We look forward to getting to know you and pairing you with the perfect backdrop for your Happily Ever After.

If you don’t want to have your wedding without the floral arrangements and decor without The English Garden, we also partner with private villas in the islands and can create customizable weddings for you in paradise.

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