Super Mario World- Universal Florida

Get with your Straight Away Travel Professional soon for the opening of Epic Universe in 2025. More information was just released!!

Step inside the world of your favorite Nintendo games.

Super Mario Land– Battle Team Bowser on MarioKart, Bowser’s Challenge, journey through colorful landscapes on Yoshi’s Adventure and more!

Donny Kong Country– Discover the action and fun as you help Donly Kong and Diddy Kong protect the Golden Banana in Mine-Cart Madness and more.

Put on your Goggles and Ride Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge– you will ride through iconic courses, throw shells, and collect digital coins to beat Team Bowser. You’ve never experienced Mario Kart like this.

It’s Mine-Cart Madness with Donkey Kong- Careen through the jungle and help Donkey Kong protect the Golden Banana on the thrilling family coaster., Mine- Cart Madness

Experience the fun of Super Mario DonKey Kong and More- You will enjoy interaction attractions that put you in the middle of the action oat SUPER MARIO WORLD! See what Chef Toad is cooking up at Toadstool Cafe– Savor Chef Toad’s tastiest creations at Toadstool Cafe while you watch playful scenery of the Mushroom Kingdom through the windows.

Don’t miss out on this experience, reservations are going to happen soon! Get on our waitlist!

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