Star Wars, Galaxy’s Edge Review

Bright Suns Everyone! That is what they say when you enter Batuu which means good morning and it IS a good morning when you visit Star Wars’ Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I am not a Star Wars buff and expected to not be overly or wildly excited to see all of the Star Wars ships, costumes, merchandize, and experiences but my expectations were impressing exceeded. Not only was I blown away, I was the one in my party that wanted to stay longer.

There is so much to see and do in Galaxy’s Edge and I am going to tell you about the things not to miss. There are two ways in and out of Galaxy’s Edge. One is next to Rizzo’s Pizza and Muppet 3D and the other is through Toy Story Land. The first night we arrived, we were able to enter through Toy Story Land but the next morning when we walked all the way through Toy Story Land, they wouldn’t let us through that way. They said it was an exit only at that time and we had to walk all the way around to the other entrance. Be mindful of this and it would be worth asking a cast member on your walk there.

Food and Drink– My number one favorite part of Galaxy’s Edge was Oga’s Canteen. This is a kid friendly “bar” with both non-alcoholic and adult bubbling, tingling, and out of this work beverages. The atmosphere was so much fun and the drinks are like nothing I have ever experienced. Yes, the drinks are an experience. I had my son and daughter share a cold bubbling beverage. There are a couple options of these, just be sure to order one with popping pearls in it. This was not like a seltzer drink, it was bubbling like a science experiment. The drinks are pricy so I had them share, yes mean mom ;). I ordered the Fuzzy Tauntaun which has a tingling foam on top that seriously makes your mouth tingle on the inside and out. The bartender had some extra plain foam behind the bar that he let my children try which was very funny, they loved it! Reservations are recommended for Oga’s Canteen. We did not have one but we waited in the stand by line for only about 10 minutes before entering. We were there right after the hurricane though so it wasn’t busy. They mentioned that they won’t always have stand by. I would get there early and ask if you don’t have a reservation. (buy our videos that will help you secure one if you don’t have one already! or use a Straight Away Agent that will help you get in).

The quick service restaurant, Docking Bay 7 had a great atmosphere with average food, nothing blew me away but was worth the visit in. Some of the entrees were pretty pricy for a quick service so having and using the Disney Dining Plan is a good option here!

There are other food and beverage stands throughout the land, but Oga’s and Docking Bay 7 are the most popular.

Merchandise with an Experience

There are two main workshops in Galaxy’s Edge. The first is Savi’s Workshop. In here, you get to customize “scrap metal” or in our language, build a lightsaber. You cannot even see in the workshop unless you purchase the lightsaber, it is very top secret. You will even need a password to enter the shop. Once inside, you will be paired with a Gatherer and walked through the process of constructing your own weapon complete with Cyber crystal. Currently, there are four options of lightsabers to build. Peace and Justice (made from scraps of fallen Jedi Temples and starships), Power and Control (a Sith model), Elemental Nature (using items like Rancor tooth and Cartusian whale bones in the hilt), and Protection and Defense (has arcane figures carved into it). Reservations may be required and can be done on your my Disney experience app. Ask us for help with this, we can book this for you. Your out of pocket cost for this experience will be $199.00 (or in Mubo, they call these credits, you will need 199 credits) and does not offer discounts. There were SO many travelers wearing their lightsaber pouch proudly!

The second workshop is the Droid Depot owned by Mubo the Utai. This workshop is open to the public and you can see the travelers build their droids. You can’t get up close to see how they are building them unless you or someone in your party purchases the experience but you can see the process from a far. There are several droids to choose from and they come complete with a remote and a nice carrying case. You are allowed to take one guest with you to build and at least one guest must be 14 years or older. This experience will cost you $99.00 (99 credits) and reservations may be required.

Attractions. Currently there is only one attraction open in WDW’s Galaxy’s Edge. The ride is Millennium Falcon, Smuggler’s Run. This subversive ride gives travelers the opportunity to be a pilot, gunner, or engineer aboard the Millennium Falcon. There are two pilots, two gunners, and two engineers on board. If you are a party of four, there will be a party of two traveling with you. The first ones in the group will get to choose their role. The two pilots are in the front of the cockpit moving the ship right and left and up and down. There are no 3d glasses worn but you feel as though you are flying through space. The two seats behind the pilots will actually be shooting at anything that shoots back. The engineers in the third row have to snag the coaxium and keep the ship flying. When the trip begins, you have to listen to Ohnaka on the intercom telling you what to do, there is a lot going on here. He gives orders to each role and everyone is trying to do their job and return safely to Batuu. From our experience in each role, the best role to get is the pilot, but don’t be disappointed if you are in the 2nd or 3rd row, it’s great and you can always ride it again and hope to experience a different role. There are some great picture opportunities in line and some wild explosions around you so don’t fret if the line is long, it’s worth it, ride it. Currently there are no fast passes being offered for this attraction and the wait time is usually less than what is posted. If you get there early, don’t go straight there, that is what most people are doing. Our advice is to experience other parts of Hollywood Studios first and wait an hour or two for the openers to be off the ride. Or.. go to Oga’s Canteen first thing!

Photography. Take advantage of photo pass in Galaxy’s Edge. The line for the 360 image can be lengthy but there are two photo pass photographers working so it moves pretty fast. Be sure to grab your picture in from of the Millennium Falcon also. Have your own camera ready for some interesting costumes, characters, and out of this world items around you.

Other Experiences. Be sure to walk through the market and look up, down, and all around. You can find some rare treasures in here and the walk through makes you feel as you are in Batuu. If you have a park hopper, we suggest experiencing Galaxy’s Edge both in the morning and at night (or stay all day in Hollywood Studios in you have a base ticket). The land is known for it’s lush forests and towering mountains peaks. The forest walkway looks a little like Pandora but once you are inside the land, it’s a sight to see.

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