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Sandals is World’s #1 adult only all inclusive resort. Beaches is the world’s #1 family friendly all inclusive resort. There are so many options and these are you highest money maker and they give us the highest commission. Sandals has 6 locations: Antigua Bahamas (Emerald Bay & Bahamas Royal Bahamian), Barbados (Barbados & Royal Barbados), Curacao, Grenada, Jamaica (Montego Bay, Negril, Ochi, Royal Caribbean, Royal Planation, South Coast), St Lucia (Grande, Halcyon, Lao Tac). A great resource to begin exploring Sandals and Beaches Location is on the consumer page site:

When you are starting you and want to start selling Sandals/Beaches vacation trips. Its best to learn about Sandals and Beaches, is by visiting the following pages: Sandals website, the TA page, consumer page, and their You Tube Channel. The more you know the better you will be able to answering your clients questions.

Sandals: Again is the world’s #1 resort for adults only all inclusive. You can book these resorts up to two years in advance. Sandals will have trainings in major cities throughout the year. You can attend any of these and I encourage you to them. You can earn free nights by booking Sandals and Beaches.

Beaches: Again is the world’s #1 resort for families as an all inclusive. You can book these resorts up to two years in advance. Sandals will have trainings in major cities throughout the year. You can attend any of these and I encourage you to them. Again you can earn free nights by booking Sandals and Beaches.

Selling Sandals and Beaches is easy, having the knowledge is what makes the client want to book with you other than the resort!

Setting Up Your Account:

The Sandals booking site is , When booking with Sandals you first need to create your travel advisor account by using your SAT email to login and you can then create an account and password.

Instructions on Setting up your Account:

  1. Click the link ” Create your travel advisor account towards the bottom right side of the page.
  2. Fill out the information: Sign in with our CLIA number: 00028137 (Branch number should be 0)
  3. Once completed (SAT admin will be emailed for approval) once received you’ll have access,
  4. When you become a CSS certified and earn your CLIA card, you will be able to book Sandals TA rates at $200.00 per night! IF YOU’D LIKE TO USE YOUR POINTS TO PARADISE OR GET A TA RATE- CALL 305-284-1300 EXT-4007 FOR MORE DETAILS.

Once your account is set up and approved you can begin booking Sandals and Beaches vacations on the Sandals TA portal. For more information on how to book travel on the Sandals TA Portal, follow the guided training video instructions on the website. If you should run into issues you can also visit the SAT Team Resource page for more detail training videos or reach out to me and I can walk you through it.

Questionnaire and Quotes:

When booking Sandals and Beaches vacations, the first thing to do is get to know your clients expectations, desires, wants and needs. A great option is to do a questionnaire for your clients, you can create this on a google form (if you like to send to them or just have it available for you to fill out when you speak to them). Having this information will help you created a more personalized quote that you can give to your clients.

When you creating a quote, you can also add flights when booking an all-in-one-packages. (you will receive commission by adding flights onto their packages). If your clients select to book their own air-fare, you just have to let Sandals know their flight information. On selecting room for your quotes, be mindful if it should say inventory is low, it will specify those particular room categories and you can quote that to you clients so they can book it sooner verse later.

Booking a Reservation:

You can book a reservation either on the Sandals TA Portal or calling 1-800-Sandals. When you book a vacation package, you will receive 2 email confirmations. One is the agency copy that includes our commission and the other is the guest copy that you will send to your client. Every Sandals and Beaches vacation package requires a $400.00 deposit. You can choose to hold the room fro $98.00 but then they will be charged the rest of the deposit ($302.00) 21 days later. This deposit is fully refundable up until 45 days before arrival of trip. Helpful Tip: Be sure you know the percentage that they will lose after this point. You can offer to your clients to add on travel protections to their package. (Please always read the policies on the TA Portal regarding this as they do change). Remember you are responsible for getting their credit card information and keeping it secure.

Team Platinum: When booking we have a dedicated team that will assist you via email. If you have a change or questions about your booking, you can email them directly at: [email protected]

There are always training videos on our SAT Travel Resource Page or on the Sandals TA Portal . SAT always encourages you to get to know each resort. Each resort has different vibes some are more of a party vibe while some others are more relaxing.

Extras & Promotions with Sandals:

Anything extra that you book for your clients in advance is commissionable to you. For example a spa treatment, excursion etc. (for Jamaica resorts excursions you will need to use or you can call them to schedule).

Another option to offer to your clients is the Club Mobay service (for those clients going to Jamaica only), this is truly a MUST . It is a fast track service through immigration, customs and security with personalized services at the airport. Your clients will travel like a true VIP when they relax in the private lounge to wait for their flight, using the high-speed Wi-Fi and enjoying the beverages and snacks. This service is available for arriving and departing flights in/out ofJamaica. You can call Sandals directly and add Club Mobay, be sure to send your clients the information. Club Mobay will send “ticket” a few days before travel that you must forward to your clients.

Promotions: Every week, Sandals released a 7-7-7 promotion. The promotion means 7 resorts, 7 room categories for 7 days. These rooms will automatically show 7% off when you book them. If a client’s room category becomes 7% off after you book them, you can add the 7% off and save them money.

Often, there are specials other than the 7-7-7 sale. These would be a candlelight dinner, spa credit, catamaran cruise, etc. These MUST be registered on the special/promotion link on the promotional email.

You will use the fact sheets to find the sales manager and GM information. You need to 100% email them 2 weeks before your clients arrive on property and let them know that your clients are coming and ask them to put a note in their room from you.

Straight Away Travel Expectations with Sandals/Beaches after booking:

After booking your clients vacation with Sandals or Beaches, SAT likes to add that extra touch for our clients, so it makes their vacations more memorable so they will want to book another vacation through you and Straight Away Travel.

  • Please send an email to the key resort personal (you can find their email on the resort fact sheet in the google drive under the Sandals Folder). Asking them to put a note in your client’s room welcoming them to the resort. Helpful tip: Let the Key Resort Personal know a little bit about your clients If they are celebrating a honeymoon/anniversary etc.
  • Keep your clients up-to-date with flight changes (if you added flights to their packages) etc.
  • Send your clients an all about information sheet (this lets know what to expect/what to bring/ things do etc). This can be found in the Google Drive/Agent folder/Sandals resort then find the Sandals/Beaches Locations that they will be going to and send it to them.
  • If they have selected the Club Mobay option to their package, please send this to them (this needs to be forward to them for access.)
  • Send a note to them a few days before they travel reminding them that you are here for their every need and how much fun they are going to have.
  • This is entirely up to you and is NOT REQUIRED but many agents send a gift to their client. The gift can be small and as simple is a Net Float Swim Hammock for the pool (a two pack can be found on Amazon for a pack of 2 is around /$20.00) Starbucks gift card for a coffee at the airport or even as big as a spa service package (of course depending on the cost of their trip and your commission).
  • After they arrive back from their vacation, send a thank you note and hope they enjoyed their stay and if you need anything else and how we can book your next travel vacation. If you have the Advantaged TESS plan, there are lots of auto-emails that will be sent to your clients so that can eliminate those steps above.

Sandals & Beaches Training

Once you sign into your TA account, you will want to sign up for access to the Brandfolder (this is under Sales Tool and the SMART Cart).

  • You can use the photos in the Brandfolder for marketing.
  • The digital photo brochures are also great links to send clients

Sandals and Beaches-

Straight Away Travel Sandals Module

Sandals Training by our BDM:

Beaches Training by our BDM-

Sandals TA Portal Training by our BDM-

Module 1 zoom training:

Group Information and Transfers

Sandals & Beaches Group Information: Download

Sandals and Beaches Transfer Guidelines

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