Dunns River Fall in OCho Rios, Jamaica

By- Jenny Wheeler

Trying to choose the perfect adventure in Jamaica?  When it comes to exploring the natural wonders of Jamaica, Dunn River Falls caters to those looking for a structured and family-friendly adventure with convenient amenities. This was my experience at Dunn River Falls.

We came over to Dunn River Falls, just after our excursion at Dolphin Cove. Remember- anything you bring with you- will get WET! I suggest a waterproof backpack and/or phone cover, depending how much you want to bring with you. You will also want to bring water shoes (aka Aquasocks) to climb the falls. We were put into a group and taken up by a guide (who you then tip at the end- so bring cash). There was also a photographer and videographer that came along with us, you can choose to buy those at the end. We all held hands and helped each other along. The water was cool and crystal clear. There are several opportunities to exit if you feel you have completed enough, but we were determined to complete our mission. 


1. Guided Climbing Experience: Dunn River Falls provides an exhilarating climbing adventure, where visitors can scale the terraced rock formations with the assistance of experienced guides, creating a thrilling and memorable experience. 

2. Infrastructure: Positioned near Ocho Rios, Dunn River Falls boasts better accessibility and more developed facilities, including changing rooms, restrooms, and convenient access to nearby amenities. 

3. Family-Friendly Environment: The well-organized nature of Dunn River Falls makes it an ideal destination for families with children, offering a safe and entertaining experience for visitors of all ages. 


1. Crowded at Times: Given its popularity, Dunn River Falls can get crowded during peak seasons, potentially affecting the overall experience for those seeking a more tranquil and private setting. 

2. Commercialization: The presence of vendors and souvenir shops near the falls might detract from the natural beauty for some visitors, leading to a somewhat commercialized atmosphere. I do not recommend going to the souvenir area. You are better off purchasing elsewhere. 

Dunn River Falls in Ocho Rios, Jamaica is an unforgettable family adventure and offers a guided climbing experience, showcasing terraced rock formations.! Our boys, aged 10 and 8, loved climbing the falls with the help of our guide, although I think my husband and I needed more assistance than they did. The photos and videos you can purchase capture the joy of the experience. If you’re looking for an unforgettable family adventure, this is it! 

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