Day 2- Indoor Family School Breaks!

Staycation Fun Day 2 – Three indoor family activities

This activity is part of the Staycation Fun contest that runs from March 22nd through March 26th. The winner each day will receive a $100.00 gift card to their next vacation of choice.  Your options are Disney, Universal Studios, Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Princess Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, or Apple Vacations. Read rules and join here

Since we are all back in school and working, but still on staycation (kind of), let’s have some family fun!  Having a little fun with your social distancing crew, we hope will get you through the day. Complete the tasks when you need a break and aren’t sure what to do.   We are going to give you 3 tasks to choose from, whenever you can, just post one of the pictures by 9pm. If you want to post a video of one instead of a picture,  that would be super fun. So, are you ready…

Task 1- Have a family dance party.  Let the kids pick one song and let the parent/parents pick one.  Teach your kids some of your old moves and let them show you the ones that we are supposed to know now. 

Task 2- Google a joke, then another, then another.  Do this until you get your parents or your kids to laugh. Say it funny, say it in an accent, say it with underwear on your head… whatever, just get them to laugh.  

Task 3- Dress up!  Who can dress the funniest in your family?  Give each member 10 minutes to get dressed and pick a spot to meet at the exact same time.  Perhaps close your eyes (without running into a door on your way) until you meet up! We can’t wait to see these pics!  

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