AMResorts is under the Hyatt Hotel umbrella, two of the most popular resorts are the Secrets and Dreams. Secrets Resorts is like Sandals – it is an adult only all inclusive resort and Dreams Resort is the family friendly all inclusive resort, is similar to Beaches Resort. These resorts are less expensive than the Sandals Resort Brand. See there options at the link: are excellent all-inclusive resorts located mostly in Mexico and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

When you are starting you and want to start selling AMResorts vacation trips. Its best to learn about Secrets and Dreams, is by visiting the following pages: AMResorts website, the TA page, consumer page, and their You Tube Channel. The more you know the better you will be able to answering your clients questions


Is their adults only all inclusive. Locations are in Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mexico Panama, and St. Martin

Dreams :

Is the all inclusive for families. You can book these resorts up to two years in advance. These locations are in Mexico, Caribbean, Central America and in Europe.

Selling Secrets and Dreams is easy, having the knowledge is what makes the client want to book with you other than the resort!

Setting Up Your Account:

The AMResort Master Agent Page is , When booking with AMResorts, you first need to create your travel advisor account by using your SAT email to login and you can then create an account and password you register>

Do NOT put our regular CLIA in the sign in, use A013250SC in the IATA section. This is the site where you can enter your AMResort bookings, learn about the resorts, earn free and reduced travel and more.

This is a quick overview of AMResorts Agents Page.

Questionnaire and Quotes:

When booking Secrets and Dreams vacations, the first thing to do is get to know your clients expectations, desires, wants and needs. A great option is to do a questionnaire for your clients, you can create this on a google form (if you like to send to them or just have it available for you to fill out when you speak to them). Having this information will help you created a more personalized quote that you can give to your clients.

When you creating a quote, you can also add flights when booking an all-in-one-packages. (you will receive commission by adding flights onto their packages). If your clients select to book their own air-fare, you just have to let Sandals know their flight information. On selecting room for your quotes, be mindful if it should say inventory is low, it will specify those particular room categories and you can quote that to you clients so they can book it sooner verse later.

Straight Away Travel Expectations with Sandals/Beaches after booking:

After booking your clients vacation with Secrets and Dreams, SAT likes to add that extra touch for our clients, so it makes their vacations more memorable so they will want to book another vacation through you and Straight Away Travel.

  • Please send an email to the Key Resort Personal at the Resort. Asking them to put a not in your client’s room welcoming them to the resort. Helpful Tip: Let the Key Personal know a little bit about your clients. If they are celebrating a honeymoon/anniversary etc.
  • Keep your clients up-to-date with flight changes (if you added flights to their packages) etc. Send a note to them a few days before they travel reminding them that you are here for their every need and how much fun they are going to have.
  • This is entirely up to you and is not NOT REQUIRED but many agent send a gift to their client(s). The git can be small and as simple as a Net Float Swim Hammock for the pool (a two pack can be found on Amazon for a pack of 2 is around $20.00). Starbucks gift card for a coffee at the airport or even as big as a spa service package(of course depending on the cost of their trip and your commission).
  • After they arrive back from their vacations, send a thank you note and hope they enjoyed their stay an if you need anything else and how we can book your next travel vacation. If you have the Advantaged Tess plan, the are lots of auto-emails that will be sent to your clients so that can eliminate those steps above.

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