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Travel Leaders Network

Straight Away Travel is part of the Travels Leaders Network. It is a community of passionate travel professionals and represents about 5,700 travel agencies across the US and Canada. We are part of their network where potential clients can find us by location, product and expertise. The benefit of our membership is earning higher commission levels, marketing tools, lead generations, training and more. Once you feel comfortable in your training, Please setup and create agent profile as soon as possible and then link will be sent to you.

Registration for Agent Universe with Travel Leaders Group:

Agent Universe

Once you have become comfortable with with your training in SAT. I will send you invitation to to join Agent Universe within TLN. Agent Universe is the member portal that gives you access to book individual resorts(pinsight) and cruises (cruisepro). They have array of great training library, Free direct email marketing tools, and travel resources to grow your business. Please note the first training that you should be complete is the Agent Universe orientation.

Universe Login Information :

Benefits of using Agent Universe:

  • Agent Profiler: this allows you to create your bio for leads
  • Cruisepro: Where you can book your clients cruises
  • Cruises space: (Special offers on certain cruises and staterooms available to our clients.)
  • Pinsight: Is a tour operate is recommend for resorts booking only (this is higher commission than other tour operates).
  • Worldwide Hotel Program: Exclusive rates to our clients
  • Select Luxury Hotels: Over 1700 recommened luxury resorts that add an added perk to your clients vacation. (This also is a higher commission)
  • Engagements: Free direct marketing for you to grow your business Webinars: Lots of Webinars that are recorded and live.
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