Universal Training

To book Universal Studios, you must complete the training on Universal Community Partners. What you have completed the training, start marketing your knowledge in social media and advertising your Universal Knowledge wherever you go.

Make sure you understand the perks of premier resorts, park to park tickets, and club level rooms. Click the button below to register.

After you complete your training- you can book Universal through VAX.

When you are ready to book a client to Universal, you will get your quotes and book them in Vax Vacation Access. You can change the ticket days, change room category, add dining packag and more.


Our agency number in VAX is 585-281-4868

I will create a user name for you and give you a temporary password

You can also receive discounts on rooms and discounted tickets when you complete the Universal Community Partners Training. (you must have a valid CLIA card for these benefits) Make sure that you keep up to date with these trainings.

You can always call to book your clients. Call 1-800-224-3838

Universal Groups- 407-363-8182 or 407-817-8017

If you book your clients on the Super Shuttle, call 1-800-711-0080 to provide them with your clients flight information.

If you need to book a room only reservation (they already have tickets)- call 407-817-9521

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